The Living Funeral Ceremony is a 2 1/2 - 3-hour guided meditation and memorial experience which focuses on turning towards one's own mortality. Participants are faced with their own memorial, are invited to write their last words, and then are led through a death visualization meditation. It is a truly transformative journey that can bring a new outlook on life as a whole. The Living Funeral ceremony is a celebration of life while making space for confronting our mortality.

To attend a Living Funeral ceremony you must pre-register. Late arrivals and walk-ins will NOT be admitted. These rules are strictly maintained in order to preserve the integrity of the event and to respect each participant's journey.

Living Funeral FAQs:


What is a Living Funeral? 

A Living Funeral is a guided meditation ceremony that is designed to give participants a new outlook on life.


Is this private or will others be around? Can I invite friends and family? 

Gently Being's Living Funerals are limited to 5 people to aid in creating a welcoming and safe space for participants. Preregistration for the Living Funeral Ceremony is required. Spaces are filled on a first come, first serve basis. You are welcome to register together with friends and/or family. If you prefer to have a private ceremony, private bookings are available for 1 to 4 participants.


What should I wear/bring to a Living Funeral? 

Please dress comfortably for the ceremony. You will be lying down on a mat for most of the ceremony.

Living Funeral Ceremony Rates

Group ceremony: $40/person, limited to 5 people.


Private Living Funeral

Private ceremony: $150 flat rate in the space of your choosing. A private location is available if you do not wish to provide the space. Limited to 4 participants.

Booking for private Living Funeral Ceremonies in the GTA, Golden Horseshoe area, and Simcoe County can be made via email to

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