Festive Viewing

I love a fun holiday movie or television special. Every year, I make time for viewings of 'Christmas in Connecticut', 'Charlie Brown's Christmas', and, well the list could go on and on. Point being, staying cozy while watching a story taking place during the holiday season is a December must for me. While most of the Christmas movies available for viewing feature a message about love, charity, and family, they often also provide an example of making space for quiet and the importance of focusing on positive moments and not dwelling on the negative.

One the most popular sub-genres of holiday films is what I call the 'holiday disasters' film. You know the type - every attempt at merriment goes horribly wrong. Often times our hero/heroine has overestimated what they and their family/friends can accomplish. 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' is the ultimate example of such a film. The mayhem grows with each passing minute. Part of the fun of watching these films is recognizing ourselves in the overambitious plans and failed attempts at holiday cheer. But underlying all the trees set ablaze, and family quarrels, is a deep sense of longing and recognition of the need of community. At the end of it all, the characters stop and cherish the people around them and bring their awareness to feelings of love and gratitude. While it is far easier for us to dwell on the negative, in these films the message is to take the time to focus on the positive and to allow those feelings to grow within you. Just like the Grinch whose hearts grows when he hears the Whos singing in Whoville.

During the first half of December, many of us can get overwhelmed with preparations for the last half of the month. Why not take a break each week to sit and watch one of your favourite holiday classics with someone you love? Allow yourself to dwell in the festive feelings throughout the season, not just once it is over. The holidays are not about completing things on our to-do lists, or impressing the people in our lives; it can be a time for growing and manifesting the love that surrounds us all year.

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