Fluffy Cloud Meditation

Photo by Kristi Martin on Unspash

This morning, I woke up feeling sluggish. My body seemed to be carrying an overall heaviness that was making it difficult for me to do much of anything. To help me manage these feelings I did my fluffy cloud meditation.

This meditation was inspired by the feelings I get when looking up at Cumulus cloud formations, or when I have been lucky enough to be in an airplane and have imagined myself playing among the clouds that are outside the plane window. Perhaps you will find useful for when you are feeling heavy, or want to bring a sense of play to your meditations.

How I Practice the Fluffy Cloud Meditation:

First, I gently close my eyes and bring my awareness to how I am feeling in the present moment. I notice where I am feeling particularly heavy. I note that this is how heaviness feels in this moment.

I then bring my awareness to my breathe. Allowing my breath to move naturally as I silently say “In” and then “Out” to myself. After a few moments of my awareness resting on my breath, I take a deep breathe in and as I exhale I imagine myself becoming lighter. I repeat this step 2-3 times. I then return my breathing to the natural rhythm it wants to hold at that moment.

Next, I begin to visualize fluffy clouds. As I continue to breathe I bring the picture of the fluffy clouds more into view for myself. I then picture myself among the clouds. I can be floating on one cloud, hopping from cloud to cloud, or even dancing among the clouds. It’s important not to try to force a particular image onto the visualization. I often am delighted and surprised by what forms in the visualization. I picture what the clouds feel like, how they smell, what they might taste like. My body becomes light like a fluffy cloud. I then take a few more breathes and bring my awareness back to the space I am in. I feel myself rooted and supported on the surface I am sitting or laying on. I then gently open my eyes.

This morning, after I did my fluffy cloud meditation, I felt lighter. No, it did not remove all the heaviness that my body was carrying but I was able to alleviate some of it and bring some joy into the beginning of my day.

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