Full Wolf Moon

Updated: Jan 9

This Friday brings the first full moon of the decade and greets us with a lunar eclipse. Before the moon fully reveals herself this Friday, I thought I would share some ideas for how you can take time to honour this moon.

Often times, a full moon can stir up a lot of emotions. For those interested in astrology, the Full Moon is in Cancer. The Cancer sign is doubly connected with emotions and some of the feelings you have been keeping buried may come rushing out. Full moons can bring clarity to our lives, so it is a good time to sit and examine what is going on with you. Cancer is also a bit of a homebody sign so this may be a good moon for staying in and being with those you love. Or, it can be a productive time to examine how we can feel more at home with ourselves. For those looking to go out and celebrate with others and you are in the Ridgeway area, there is a Full Moon concert taking place at The Sanctuary.

For this moon, I will be taking time out to focus in on what goals I have for the next year and next decade. I will also be considering what I can do to nourish myself and the goals I wish to reach. It is a good weekend for breaking out your journal and letting the ideas and feelings flow free.

The January Full Moon is also known by the names Ice Full Moon, and Old Moon. Give yourself permission to howl at the moon if it feels right.

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