Homebody Monastic Looking Back At February

Dearest Reader,

I began February with the plan to tweak my Homebody Monastic schedule. After experimenting with the form for a month in January, I saw that there were some changes that could improve my daily routine. The first thing I wanted to change was the time I woke up each day. Unfortunately, this lead to me abandoning my previous set wake up time and never setting a new one. From here, things began to slide.

For me, Homebody Monasticism was about maintaining a highly structured day. Once I let one thing go, all my other time blocks began to expand and retract until I was following a mere shadow outline of the schedule I had set in January. I suppose, February was a Homebody Monastic fail.

In most spiritual/religious practices there are times when we may feel like we are not living up to the expectations we have put on ourselves or our practices. It is important to remember we are never failing, we are learning. Each day is a new opportunity to practice, learn and grow. While overall it would seem I failed at my personal Homebody Monastic practice, I learned a lot about what works for me.

Now that it is March, I am revitalizing my practice and reinvigorating my schedule. I will be back in a month to let you know how the process goes. Below is a video about my Homebody Monastic experience in February.