It Begins...

A new season of Lent has begun. I must confess that I had a difficult time deciding on what to give up this year. I believe part of this is because life already feels as though it has been pruned back to it's roots. I am mostly home bound and have already created a social media schedule for myself after giving it up for Lent a few years back. After some reflection on Monday, I realized that part my lack of a Lent idea was due to my stubbornness. I didn't want to sacrifice anything cause I did not want to face any struggle or obstacles. When I acknowledged what I was feeling I was then flooded with ideas. I decided on giving up tv/streaming during my lunch break. No turning to the screen as I eat my lunch/during the day.

Lent is not just about sacrifice. It is a time that invites us to reflect on our daily lives and our connection to the divine in our lives. Are we filling our time with barriers to the divine? Are we afraid to rest with the divine and so fill up every spare moment with screens and busy work? I have found the season of Lent to be an illuminating time for myself. This week, I made a YouTube video about why I follow the Lent season and some questions you may want to consider if you are taking part in the season.

I recorded the above video before February 17 so that it could go live this morning. One thing I would now add to my video is that this year I have decided to take on a challenge with my sacrifice. I will be having a 40 Days of Creation that I will be attempting during the Lent season. Each day, I will create a new artistic piece. Some days it will be recording and editing Gently Being videos, today I plan to create a new podcast episode, other days it will be writing. I am doing this added practice to shake myself out of a complacency that has begun to set in. Lately, I have struggled to complete and even start projects I have in mind. The point of this challenge is not to add stress to my days. This is a challenge to simply create as I reflect on this years Lent season. The message I am reflecting on this year is that the dark days lead to a resurrection and rebirth.

Blessed Be.