Mindful Gift Giving

It has been an overwhelming few days: first there was Black Friday, then Small Business Saturday, followed by Cyber Monday and ending with Giving Tuesday. While being bombarded with advertisements for the best deals, I also found myself inundated with memes and social media posts telling me how to spend money and then when and where not to spend it. There were messages of not spending and then messages to spend. Despite the best of intentions, all the messaging began to give me a headache and put a lot of stress on the holiday season.

I do not want to add to the stress of your holiday season. Instead, I thought it would be fun to provide some easy ideas for mindful gift giving.

1. Give Experiences

Tickets to concerts, museums, art galleries, etc. make a wonderful gift and provide the bonus of giving the recipient something to look forward to in the new year. Perhaps there is a local movie house, like the Ridge Film House in Ridgeway or The Circle in Alliston, you can purchase gift certificates or passes to?

2. Something Yummy

Worried about adding to the "stuff" in a loved one's life? Why not gift them with some jam, honey, tea, wine, or cheese? Bring to mind meals and drinks that you and your family member or friend enjoy sharing together and you will be able to find the perfect merry-making gift.

3. Shop Local/ Local Gift Certificates

When you shop local, you are not only providing smiles for your loved one, you are helping your community.

Shopping does not need to be stressful. Allow your gift giving to be thoughtful, fun, and perhaps a way to support your community.

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