Mindful Retreat in Beeton

Gently Being will be holding a 1-day Mindful retreat in Beeton, Ontario this June!

Gently Being's Mindful Retreats are designed to be for both those new to mindfulness and those wishing to renew and reinvigorate their mindfulness practice. The Mindful Retreat is a day for reconnecting with your self and for coming together with fellow participants to learn about and practice mindfulness. During the day we will discuss what mindfulness is, how to bring your mindfulness practice into your daily life, some of the science behind mindfulness, and various mindfulness practices.

Gently Being's Mindfulness Retreat is designed to both relax and inspire you. We also make room for fun! The retreat itself runs from 10:30am - 4pm and includes a one hour break for lunch. Gently Being does not provide lunch for participants but there are some lovely restaurants just outside the doors of the Beeton Public Library on Main St. You are also welcome to bring a lunch with you. To register, email gentlybeing@gmail.com

Date: June 1 2019

Location: Beeton Public Library in Beeton, ON

Time: 10:30 - 4:00

Cost: $90

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