More than meditation

One of the main misconceptions about mindfulness is that mindfulness is meditation. While meditation is a practice of mindfulness, it is not mindfulness itself. Mindfulness is a way of approaching and living life. Mindfulness is not just the intentions you may set while sitting on a meditation cushion, it is the way you approach, move in, and interact with the world and yourself.

Meditation is a beautiful practice that aids us in building our mindfulness muscle. Having a meditation practice can allow an individual to create a sense of home in themselves that they take everywhere they go. To be mindful, you do not have to be taking a meditation break. You can be mindful while typing an email on your computer, on your morning commute, or while walking the dog. Mindfulness can become a part of your very being.

One of the reasons it can be beneficial to enroll in a mindfulness class is that you will learn how mindfulness can be utilized in your day to day life. You will also learn why mindfulness can be so darn challenging at times. For me personally, learning more about how the mind and brain work helped me to demystify why I sometimes behaved in a way I, deep down, didn't want to. Perhaps mindfulness can help you in the same way.

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