The 1 mindfulness practice to start today

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Our breath is our home. It keeps us alive but we rarely bring our awareness to it. When we pause to take mindful breaths - to allow our attention to rest on our inhales and exhales - we return to home. Mindful breathing is not a magical elixir that will instantly solve all your problems and pains. It is, however, a way for us to return to the essence of ourselves. As one continues to practice mindful breathing, the greater benefits they will reap. I personally have found mindful breathing to be tremendously helpful in shifting myself away from being overly reactive to more reflective.

3 steps to mindful breathing:

1. Pause.

2. Bring your awareness to your inhale and your exhale. You may want to silently say "inhale" and "exhale". Or, perhaps, silently saying "in" and "out". Choose the words or phrase that work best for you. Allow yourself to feel each breath in your body. I often notice the sensation of the air tickling my nostrils on the exhale. For you it could be feeling the rising and falling of the chest or diaphragm. Your shoulders may begin to relax. Do not force or judge your breathing. Just allow it to be as it is.

3. Repeat.

Next time you feel yourself getting annoyed, or disconnected from what your are doing, take a moment to breathe life into yourself.

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